College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia

2017 CTCMA Board Election - Results

Dec 13, 2016

The College is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 Board elections held for TCM practitioners and acupuncturists. The successful candidates will begin their term at the beginning of the January 2017 Board meeting. Below are the results of the Board elections.




CHU, Kuo Hsiang Reagan, R. Ac. (Coquitlam)

283 (13.8%)

TAN, Weijia, Dr. TCM (Vancouver)

270 (13.1%)

YU, Weidong, Dr. TCM (Vancouver)

264 (12.8%)

LIU, Bao Di, R.TCM.P. (Richmond)

238 (11.6%)


OSACHOFF, Beverly, R.TCM.P. (Grand Forks)

214 (10.4%)


FONG, Ho-Cheung (John), R. Ac. (Vancouver)

175 (8.5%)


LU, Xiao Yun, Dr. TCM (Richmond)

157 (7.6%)


AU YOUNG, Simon, Dr. TCM (Coquitlam)

145 (7.1%)


HUANG, Ting Shun (Bruce), Dr. TCM (Burnaby)

98 (4.8%)


YU, Cun Hai (Vincent), R.TCM.P. (Burnaby)

87 (4.2%)


SHI, Jin Hua, R.TCM.P. (Vancouver)

76 (3.7%)


WANG, Qing Tian (Allen), Dr. TCM (Vancouver)

29 (1.4%)


TSAI, Chih-I, R. Ac. (Burnaby)

20 (1.0%)


The certified election results are available for viewing online.