College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia

Students in BC

Students enrolled in a traditional Chinese medicine program must be registered with the College before attending clinic. The requirements for registration are:

Criminal Record Review

All applicants are required to complete a criminal record review. Please refer to the Criminal Record Review section for further details and instructions.

Evidence of Good Character

All applicants are required to obtain signatures from two referees who are Canadian citizens. One of them should be a regulated health professional (registrant of a College or Order), preferably a CTCMA registrant.

Documentation on Authorization to Study

All applicants are required to submit proof of Canadian citizenship, permanent resident status or other statutory authorization (such as a Study Permit).


Student applicants are required to submit two photographs exactly 1½”W x 2”L taken within one year with the applicant’s name printed on the back.

Confirmation/Update on Education Standing

Student applicants are required to request their institution submit a Confirmation of Education Standing. Please ask the institution to submit the form below to the College.

Student are also required to submit:

  • Updated transcripts from the institution
  • Official transcripts for transfer credits (if applicable)

Application Forms and Fees

Please use the forms below to submit your application to register.

Application and registration fees are available under Schedule F of the Bylaws and also in the application form.

Application Fee: $25
Annual Registration Fee: $200*

*For applicants registered after April 1 in any year, the fee will be prorated based on the number of months remaining until March 31, multiplied by the calculated monthly rate of the applicable annual fee. Please refer to the application form for the proration schedule.