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管理局在此宣布本次理事會選舉結果,新當選的三位理事分別是: Rachel Ling女士、Beverley Osachoff 女士與 Shawn-Poppi Sabhaney 先生。


Rachel Ling

Rachel LingRegistration Number: 04990

Registration Title: R.TCM.P.

City of Residence: Richmond, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: R.TCM.P., B.Sc.

Employment: Instructor, Vancouver Beijing College of Chinese Medicine

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Born in China, I am a R.TCM.P, science graduate from McGill University, currently an instructor in Vancouver Beijing College of Chinese Medicine. An active volunteer for many community programs, I have helped in BC Children's Hospital fundraising, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal Chest institute, Community Wellness clinic, and NGO project in Ghana. Received distinction for service performance from former senator. recently I hold bilingual TCM webinars to help English-speaking population to gain awareness of TCM. This August, I was a part of the 4th American TCM congress organizing committee to hold the event successfully in Seattle. With my Chinese and Western culture background, I will actively support BC through TCM.

Beverly Gail Osachoff

Beverly OsachoffRegistration Number: 02226

Registration Title: R.TCM.P.

City of Residence: Grand Forks, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: B.Sc., Dr. TCM

Employment: Owner, Boundary Acupuncture and Pain Clinic

College Involvement: Focus Group Participant - Scope of Practice, 2010 - 2011

Candidate Statement

I have enjoyed the privilege of serving on the Boards of the TCMABC, the Transitional Board and the ATCMA. My colleagues and I donated many hours working toward uniting our profession. I'm very aware of the diversity of our needs and talents as well as the challenges we face as small business operators and medical professionals in a rapidly evolving marketplace. I've been a strong voice for BC's rural registrants. Now I'd like your support to turn my attention to the public so I can advocate effectively for all of us.

Shawn-Poppi Suresh Hans Sabhaney

Shawn-Poppi Sueesh Hans SabhaneyRegistration Number: 02808

Registration Title: R.Ac.

City of Residence: Surrey, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: DTCM, BSSc, BComm

Employment: Owner, The Neural Clinic

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Poppi received his Bachelor of Social Sciences and Bachelors of Commerce, then graduated from the Doctorate of TCM program at the ITCMCV and has been a practicing Registered Acupuncturist under the CTCMA for ten years and has a PTSD and trauma practice in White Rock. Poppi was the last past president of the TCMABC, and helped the QATCMA and TCMABC merge into the ATCMA. Poppi stayed on the new board as the Public relations officer for a year and board adviser until 2015. Poppi looks forward to using his knowledge and past association board experience to help advocate competency, ethical practices and forward thinking industry practices for the TCM community.

本次理事選舉的官方結果可在Simply Voting's website的官網查看。

針對這次理事選舉結果,管理局行政總裁兼註冊總監何俊緯表示:”展望未來,Rachel Ling女士、Beverley Osachoff 女士與 Shawn-Poppi Sabhaney 先生的加入將對理事會的工作大有助益,他們每一位都致力於保護公眾利益,同時也在中醫界執業多年。管理局欣見三位新理事將分享他們的專業與見解,共同帶領管理局走向更好的未來。


  • Peter Stevenson-Moore醫師,主席
  • Weijia Tan譚維嘉醫師, 副主席
  • Joelle Berry女士
  • Guo Ding丁果先生
  • Kimberley Graham醫師
  • Oleh Ilnyckyj先生
  • Rachel Ling女士
  • Edwin Liu先生
  • Beverly Osachoff女士
  • Shawn-Poppi Sabhaney先生
  • Jocelyn Stanton女士
  • Weidong Yu于衛東醫師

管理局在此特別感謝三位卸任的理事:曹寶琪醫師、李永洲醫師與Joseph Ranallo先生,衷心感謝他們過去幾年為理事會貢獻的心力。管理局的理事來自中醫所有的專業領域,同心協力作為一個團隊,以公眾利益為依歸制定健全的政策與管理決策,指引管理局的運作,並確保管理局盡到財務責任。管理局理事會通過省府衛生廳向大眾負責。