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2015 Board Election Results

December 15, 2015

The 2015 Board elections were held on Friday, December 11, 2015, to elect three Board members for the term January 2016 - 2019.

Six elected members of the College and three members of the public, appointed by the Minister of Health form the Board of the CTCMA.

CTCMA thanks all the candidates for participating in the Board Election and all the registrants who voted.

Below are the Official Results of the Board elections by the two Electoral Districts.

There were 14 candidates in the election; candidates with fewer than 40 votes have not been listed.

Election Statistics

Number of voting packages received: 667

Number of invalid packages received:15

Number of invalid ballots: 13

Total ballots counted: 639

Electoral District: Lower Mainland

Candidates Votes Elected
CAO, Bao Qi (Ben) 212 ✓ Lower Mainland
CHU , Kuo Hsiang Reagan 124  
HO, Paul Sit Cheong 156  
KONIECZKA, Monika 116  
LEE, John Yung Chou 283 ✓ Lower Mainland
LEE, Min 49  
LIU, Bao Di 153  
LU, Xiao Yun 130  

Electoral District: Outside Lower Mainland

Candidates Votes Elected
RANALLO, Joseph 149 ✓ Outside Lower Mainland
STRONG, Jennifer 103  
YIN, Ganglin 96