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Beware of Incorrect News About Bylaw Amendments

February 21, 2018

It has come to the attention of the College that an unauthorized and anonymous party has accessed our public register and is sending out incorrect information regarding our proposed bylaw changes. As you are aware, the College has been open and transparent about all bylaw changes and amendments.

To review what bylaws are and why we have them:

Each regulatory college has its own bylaws, a legal document that sets out the details of the operation of the college: the duties and responsibilities of the board including when and how meetings are held, committees and the registrar; qualifications for registration and licensing; voting procedures; the regulation of professional conduct, ethics and conflict of interest; and fee schedules.

Bylaws allow the College to grow and evolve in that they ensure stability, continuity, and structure. Reviewed and updated as needed, they reflect the mandate of regulators to protect the public.

The Health Professions Act provides a common regulatory framework for the governance of health professions in British Columbia and gives the College its mandate and powers, including authorization to create and enforce bylaws, and standards of practice and professional ethics.

For further information about the College’s recent bylaw amendments, click here.