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of British Columbia

AGM - Notice of Resolution

Oct 02, 2018

Notice is hereby given of two resolutions to be decided at the CTCMA Annual General Meeting, October 21, 2018.

Resolution # 1

We put forward the motion that names of all committee members and their corresponding years at the position should be disclosed on the CTCMA website. And whenever a committee position becomes available, the announcement should also be posted on its website and/or emailed to all the registrants.

This resolution will be decided by show of hands.

Resolution #2


1.    In the mover’s opinion Section 57.1 contradicts the College's mandate of protecting the public interest. and;


2.    In the mover’s opinion the College has deemed it to be essential for public safety that any active practicing registrant needs to maintain minimal patient contacts and continuing education hours, and;


3.    In the mover’s opinion Section 57.1 appears to be designed specifically for the past registrar Mary Watterson.

Therefore, it be resolved THAT Bylaw 57.1 be deleted from the College Bylaws.

This resolution will be decided by ballot.

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