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Answers to Questions from the 2018 Annual General Meeting

November 13, 2018

We wanted to thank everyone who turned out for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) last month. To those who weren’t able to attend, it really was a valuable day and we look forward to seeing you next year. For those who attended by webinar, we’d love to hear what your impressions were of this service.

We’ve had great feedback on Bradley Chisolm’s presentation — he had so much thoughtful, insightful material to share as to where regulation is going, not only here in BC, but in broader geographic terms as well.

The AGM itself went very well according to reports received. Over the course of the afternoon the Board, and Registrar were asked to respond to a number of questions and we thought that providing a written response in addition to what was provided during the AGM would be welcomed. Many of the questions related to budgeting and committee expenses and we trust you will find the answers, supported with graphs and several links, useful.