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Nominations for Board Elections Now Closed. Here are Your Candidates!

October 22, 2019

Nominations are now closed for the three positions available on our Board for the 2020-2022 term.

As you are aware, individuals seeking a position on the Board must:

  • be a registrant in good standing with the College, nominated by a registrant in good standing
  • be comfortable communicating in English
  • not be a director or officer of a TCM association
  • have no current conflicts of interest and agree to not take a position that would give rise to such a conflict.

Each candidate whose name appears below submitted a statement attesting to his or her commitment to serving the public interest, experience with governance and health regulation, and skills that they believe will serve the Board and the profession, well. Thank you to all those who stepped forward!

These additional qualities will be beneficial to the role of Board Director:

  • strategic thinking
  • principled and ethical
  • collaborative
  • listening and communication skills
  • thrive on problem solving.

Now is the time to get to know your candidates! They come from all areas of our profession and each will bring diverse points of view to the table and work to make sound policy and governance decisions in the public interest.

Chao Ho (Edward) Chao

Registration Number: 03381

Registration Title: Acupuncturist

City of Residence: Surrey, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: PhD of Chinese Medicine

Employment: Director, Small Business

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Edward Chao    M.D. & Senior Dr. of TCM in Taipei, TCM Ph.D in Gugang Zhou, R Ac. in B.C.  He would contribute for the College to help with:1.Reducing license fee: carefully review all expenditure; 2.providing transparent information; 3. Against illegal practice of TCM; 4. Improving & advance TCM education

Kuo Hsiang (Reagan) Chu

Registration Number: 03275

Registration Title: R.Ac.

City of Residence: Coquitlam, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Diploma of Dr. TCM

Employment: Ac, Small Business

College Involvement: Board, 2017

Candidate Statement

Reagan Chu is a Western Medicine Dr. in Taiwan(physiatry) since 1985, and study at TCM for 5 years in BC.  He would contribute for the College to help with:1. Reducing license fee: carefully review all expenditure; 2. Providing transparent information; 3. Against illegal practice of TCM; 4. Improving & advance TCM education

Jian Ying (Jennifer) Gao

Registration Number: 03204

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Bachelor Degree of Medicine

Employment: President, AromaOasis Health Inc.; Faculty of Health, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Dr. Jianying Gao received her TCM Medical degree from China, has practiced for 20 years in China and Canada. she has taught at KPU, and Tzu Chi TCM College for 12 years. If elected, her efforts would center  on: 1. Promoting excellent and ethical TCM practice to serve the public, while helping elevate TCM’s outstanding image in the eyes of the general public and policymakers alike as a preventative, safe, and effective healthcare; 2. Boosting a high quality and standard of TCM education through positive academic exchanges, and collaborating with other health care professions; 3. Advocating for regulations under the “HPA” that are more suitable for TCM practice.

Kimberley A. Graham

Registration Number: 02407

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: North Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Dr.TCM

Employment: Dr.TCM, Self

College Involvement: Current Board Member, Various committees and focus groups, Examiner

Candidate Statement

Having served on the Board for the past two years, I am hopeful for the opportunity to continue the work we have achieved in furthering registrant, public and government trust, as I remain committed to serving the College’s mandate of ensuring public safety. Currently I am a member of the Finance, Discipline, and Patient Relations committees.  My CTCMA experience includes: Jurisprudence exam development committee member; Dr.TCM competencies Expert Committee; exam Standard setting; Scope of Practice working group; Safety Course review; QAP working group; and Pan-Canadian examinations. I also sit on the Kwantlen Polytechnic University TCM Committee, and am an appointee to the Ministry of Health’s Special Audit, Medical Services.

Hosung Jang

Registration Number: 03562

Registration Title: Acupuncturist

City of Residence: Surrey, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Ph.D of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina

Employment: Acupuncturist, Greenleaf Acupuncture & Herb Clinic

College Involvement: Committee member of Point Injection Therapy Working Group, 2015 - 2016; Committee member of Quality Assurance Program Working Group, 2016 - 2017

Candidate Statement

I've graduated from ICTCM in Canada, achieved my master's at Anhui University, completed my Ph.D. at Nanjing University, and taken clinical training in Korea.  I've taught TCM at Central College for 5 years, and I have participated in the committee of CTCMA in both the Point Injection Therapy Working Group and the Quality Assurance Program Working Group as a committee member from 2015 to 2018. I'm dedicated to all patients, and I strive to make the entry barrier easier for patients who have an interest in TCM treatment. Although TCM is becoming more acknowledged by the public, I strive for it to become a major pillar in the Canadian Healthcare system.

Hsien-Ju Claire Kao

Registration Number: 03171

Registration Title: Dr. TCM

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Diploma of Dr. TCM

Employment: Dr. TCM, Owner of Business, Self-Employee

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Claire Kao is a licensed Dr. TCM in BC. She has been an active practitioner in Vancouver since 2008.  Dr. Kao is also a teacher at Tzu Chi International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2012.  If she’s elected, she would be committed to help: 1. Reducing license fee: carefully review all expenditure; 2. Providing transparent information; 3. Against illegal practice of TCM.

Su Lan (Mary) Lee

Registration Number: 01615

Registration Title: R.Ac.

City of Residence: Davis Bay, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Master of science in psychology

Employment: Manager

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

1.A. I am good at coordinating different medical professions and patients counseling and always care for public interest. B. Promote TCM, let the public know have more choice. Support Joining MSP plan, ICBC, WCB, and other medical insurance plan in order to help more people and economical health care in BC. 2. Improving TCM practice standard to benefit public. A . Inviting TCM related experts come to Canada for improving professional , not for profit.  B. Digitizing , computerized medical record; C. To archive the management of Chinese medicine professional media files database to improve the profession. 3. Helping practitioners resolve disputes, eliminate license lending or illegal activities, improve ethic management.

Glenn Morezewich

Registration Number: 01866

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Okanagan Falls, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Dr. TCM

Employment: Dr Glenn, Self

College Involvement: Board member, 2002 - 2005; Board member, 2006 - 2008

Candidate Statement

I have worked with this College for several terms helping to regulate the profession and protect the public. Skill sets that I possess and believe to be of value in serving on the Board are that I honour and value the opinions of others and am able to contribute strategically and collaboratively to problem solve. I communicate my intentions clearly and am respectful when there are differing opinions. I am dedicated to working with a team serving in the public’s best interest. I believe that I have professional insights that would make positive contributions to this regulating body. I am committed to making a difference.

Mercy Kate Southam

Registration Number: 101456

Registration Title: R.TCM.P

City of Residence: Victoria, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Diploma of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - Pacific Rim College

Employment: Founder + Lead Practitioner, Eir Mobile Medicine

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Mercy Southam is a TCM Practitioner based in Victoria BC, and is the Founder + Lead Practitioner of Eir Mobile Medicine, Canada's first mobile Acupuncture + Natural Medicine Studio. During her studies, she was active on Student Council, successfully advocating for additional funding for community building events programs. She has been an accomplished Public Speaker for the last 15 years, representing BC Children's Hospital, Rady's Children's Hospital, Ashoka Canada, and Invisible Children. Having studied in both the US and Canada, Mercy has immersed herself in a variety of healthcare systems, identifying ways to improve on existing structures. She is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of TCM in BC.

Ganglin Yin

Registration Number: 00170

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Victoria, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Master Degree

Employment: Principal, Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

My name is Ganglin Yin, I graduated from Hunan University of TCM with a Bachelor’s degree in 1982 and a Master’s degree in 1985.  I’ve worked in BC as a TCM Doctor and as the Principal of Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology since 2000.  If elected, I will do my best to improve the Board’s function and activities. Additionally, I’ll spare no effort to work on actively communicating with relevant departments of the government and insurance institutions, so that TCM and acupuncture could receive greater coverage, and so that government medical expenditures could be reduced. Thank you for your support!

Peggy Yu

Registration Number: 04946

Registration Title: R.Ac.

City of Residence: Surrey, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: MA, Registered Clinical Counsellor and R.Ac

Employment: EAP Clinician, Homewood Health; Owner, Private Practice

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Registered Acupunturist. I worked with different level of government agency as a therapist. I am also multilingual, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwaness and English. I believe effective communication is the key for bridging everyone in this profession, from patients to practitioners and within or cross the professionals. I am confident that my open minded mindset, critical thinking skills, negotiation skills as well the conflict resolution ability will be a beneficial for both patients, practitioners and the management group. It will be my honor to devote my skills for the best interest for every party in this profession.

Weidong Yu

Registration Number: 00169

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Medicine

Employment: Doctor of TCM, Self

College Involvement: Board member, 2017 - 2019; Member of Quality Assurance, 2017 - 2019; Chair of Patient Relation, 2016 - 2019

Candidate Statement

I love BC, I love TCM, I love to see TCM play positive role in the health of British Columbians.

To manage and conduct last year’s Board Elections you’ll recall that we engaged the services of Simply Voting, an independent elections contractor. We’ve chosen to retain them to handle the electronic voting process for us once again.

You will receive ballots and complete voting instructions from Simply Voting on November 7, 2019 when polls open. All emails from Simply Voting will originate from

Eligible Registrants are entitled to 1 (one) ballot each and may vote for up to 3 (three) candidates in any of the electoral districts in British Columbia.

Completed electronic ballots must be submitted no later than 12:00 Noon on December 16, 2019.

If you would like to see a demo of the voting system just go to Simply Voting’s website at If you require assistance or experience technical difficulties, please contact us at

Thank you for your perspective, and for taking part in your Board Elections!