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Announcement of Board Members Elected for 2020-2022

December 16, 2019

The College is pleased to announce the election of three members to its Board of Directors for the 2020-2022 term. Jian Ying (Jennifer) Gao, Kimberley A. Graham and Weidong Yu, who was re-elected, were the successful candidates in our just-completed election.  

The Board of Directors provides leadership for carrying out the College’s mission, which is to serve and protect the public interest by regulating and advancing safe, ethical and quality traditional Chinese medicine practice in British Columbia. The Board is accountable to the public through the Ministry of Health.

These three Board members, elected from among College registrants, will provide great insight and depth to the work of the College over the next three years, alongside the six reappointed public Board members and three other registrant members continuing with their terms.

Jian Ying (Jennifer) Gao

Registration Number: 03204

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Bachelor Degree of Medicine

Employment: President, AromaOasis Health Inc.; Faculty of Health, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Dr. Jianying Gao received her TCM Medical degree from China, has practiced for 20 years in China and Canada. she has taught at KPU, and Tzu Chi TCM College for 12 years. If elected, her efforts would center  on: 1. Promoting excellent and ethical TCM practice to serve the public, while helping elevate TCM’s outstanding image in the eyes of the general public and policymakers alike as a preventative, safe, and effective healthcare; 2. Boosting a high quality and standard of TCM education through positive academic exchanges, and collaborating with other health care professions; 3. Advocating for regulations under the “HPA” that are more suitable for TCM practice.

Kimberley A. Graham

Registration Number: 02407

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: North Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Dr.TCM

Employment: Dr.TCM, Self

College Involvement: Current Board Member, Various committees and focus groups, Examiner

Candidate Statement

Having served on the Board for the past two years, I am hopeful for the opportunity to continue the work we have achieved in furthering registrant, public and government trust, as I remain committed to serving the College’s mandate of ensuring public safety. Currently I am a member of the Finance, Discipline, and Patient Relations committees.  My CTCMA experience includes: Jurisprudence exam development committee member; Dr.TCM competencies Expert Committee; exam Standard setting; Scope of Practice working group; Safety Course review; QAP working group; and Pan-Canadian examinations. I also sit on the Kwantlen Polytechnic University TCM Committee, and am an appointee to the Ministry of Health’s Special Audit, Medical Services.

Weidong Yu

Registration Number: 00169

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Medicine

Employment: Doctor of TCM, Self

College Involvement: Board member, 2017 - 2019; Member of Quality Assurance, 2017 - 2019; Chair of Patient Relation, 2016 - 2019

Candidate Statement

I love BC, I love TCM, I love to see TCM play positive role in the health of British Columbians.

The official results of the election may be viewed here.

“Looking ahead to an exciting year, we are sure that Jennifer Gao, Kimberley Graham and Weidong Yu will be outstanding on our Board. Each of these active practitioners has committed to work to make sound policy and governance decisions in the public interest. We are excited about the expertise and viewpoints they bring as we continue to lead the College forward,” notes Jonathan Ho, Registrar and CEO.

The College's full slate of Directors for the coming year is:

  • Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore, Chair

  • Dr. Kimberley Graham, Vice-Chair

  • Ms. Joelle Berry

  • Mr. Guo Ding

  • Dr. Jennifer Gao

  • Mr. Oleh Ilnyckyj

  • Ms. Rachel Ling

  • Mr. Edwin Liu

  • Ms. Beverly Osachoff

  • Mr. Shawn-Poppi Sabhaney

  • Ms. Jocelyn Stanton

  • Dr. Weidong Yu

We’d like to thank outgoing Board member Dr. Weijia Tan for her dedicated service. Board members come from all areas of our profession, working as a team to steer College operations and ensure fiscal responsibility and she has contributed a great deal over the course of her term.