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of British Columbia

Beware of Health Insurance Fraud

Jan 30, 2020

The College would like to take this opportunity to recommend measures that the public can take to ensure they are not victims of identity theft and/or insurance fraud when dealing with health practitioners and clinics.

  • Do not sign any blank forms.

  • Ensure all information is accurate on claim submission forms and receipts including your name, treatment dates, service descriptions and amounts.

  • Ensure the identity of the service provider matches the name on the receipt.

  • The tactic of making a patient make a large advance payment to ‘lock-in’ the patient with a clinic is usually not for medical or health concerns, particularly if the medical complaint is acute. Ask questions to make sure there is a reasonable rationale for any advance payment proposed.

  • Billing services to your health insurer can only be done after service has been provided.

  • You may check with your insurer or MSP for information about your recently billed services to ensure accuracy.

Report suspicions regarding insurance fraud to the proper authorities involved: