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Peer-to-Peer Discussion Forum

May 13, 2020

Updated: May 16, 2020

The College is co-hosting a virtual discussion forum session collaboratively with the British Columbia Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Practitioners (ATCMA) this week.

Guest Host: Suzanne Williams, R.Ac, Executive Director of ATCMA

Date:  2020-05-15 (Friday) 

Time: 9:55am-11:30am (about 90 min) 

Meeting Focus and Purpose:

To discuss “Clinical Practice Considerations for Returning to Work During the End of the Beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic”

The purpose of the session is to provide an opportunity for TCM and acupuncture professionals to

  • openly exchange ideas for safe practice when practices are allowed to re-open,
  • ask questions about the recommendations, and
  • provide feedback on how to safely return to work.

Reference Document For Discussion:

ATCMA’s Document: Recommended Safe Work Practices for TCM and Acupuncture Practitioners During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are a current Registrant and are interested in the opportunity to discuss professional practice issues with peers in a collaborative way, we encourage you to sign up to participate in this Discussion Forum.  A college staff will facilitate the session along with the guest host.

Spaces are limited.  Virtual meeting details will be sent to those who successfully reserved spaces.


Recording for the presentation is available here.

Please use the password “PracticeSupport2020” and register with your registration number to gain access.

Declaimer: The presentation was originally presented at 10am (PST) on May 15, 2020 (Friday). Content may not be valid and current after the original presentation. Please refer to new updates with the proper resources mentioned in the presentation.