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of British Columbia

Update Regarding Pan-Canadian Examinations in TCM and Acupuncture

Feb 11,  2021

The College would like to provide an update with respect to the language of Pan-Canadian Entry-Level Examinations in TCM and Acupuncture (PCE) administration, specifically in British Columbia.

Earlier this year, the Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CARB-TCMPA) decided to cease offering the PCE in Chinese, following its October 2021 administration.

We are aware of the level of concern expressed about this decision and, while the College did not make it, we have striven to be as transparent as possible with our key stakeholders – our registrants – and therefore advised them of CARB-TCMPA’s decision immediately. The College has made no such parallel decision for BC and remains the only Canadian province offering the PCE in Chinese.

The potential for a local BC strategy or response to the discontinuation of the PCE in Chinese will be the subject of discussion at an upcoming Board meeting.

In preparation for the Board’s deliberations, the College has undertaken to obtain feedback from as many interested individuals and groups as possible to help inform any decisions that might be made in this regard. One such measure is a short survey that will be circulated to all registrants and student registrants in the next short while. We anticipate that consultation will be completed by the end of April and will keep all stakeholders informed of developments on this issue.