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of British Columbia

Pan-Canadian Examinations in Chinese Update

May 28, 2021

The College is pleased to advise that on May 5, 2021, the Board passed a resolution recommending that CTCMA pursue an agreement with CARB-TCMPA designed to secure the continued offering of the Pan-Canadian Entry-level Examinations in TCM and Acupuncture (PCE) in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese after 2023.

Subsequently, CARB-TCMPA has expressed its willingness to collaborate with the College in order to develop an approach to the development and continued offering of the PCE in both Chinese and English, post-2023, a resource-intensive endeavour.

As had been previously announced, students currently studying TCM/A in BC and planning to take the PCE in Chinese will be able to do so after 2021 thanks to a $175,000 grant from the BC Government. This grant, along with contributions from the College, will provide for exam development and translation in 2022 and 2023 and will benefit as many as 120 students over that period.

While we have always encouraged English proficiency in the operation of registrants’ practices, this new resolution recognizes the importance of the Chinese language in underpinning the teaching, practice and research associated with traditional Chinese medicine. The entry-level PCE is a high-stakes examination required for registration to practice in BC and, as such, supports the College’s mandate—assuring the public that practitioners from whom they seek care are knowledgeable and competent.

The ability to share resources and collaborate with regulators of TCM/A practitioners across Canada through CARB-TCMPA, in a collegial manner, has always been of value to the College and has allowed us to keep the cost of registration examinations low. We will continue to provide updates as arrangements are finalized with CARB-TCMPA over the coming weeks.