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Invitation to Try First PSP Tool

Aug. 18, 2021

The College continues to work on incorporating the components of the Practice Support Program (PSP) into the Continuing Education (CE) Program.

We now invite you, as a registrant, no matter whether you have CE due in March 2022 or in later years, to try out the Self-Reflective Assessment Tool, evaluate yourself against the 14 Career Span Competencies (CSCs), and to identify areas where you think you might benefit from some additional learning activities.

Click here for a quick refresher on the CSCs as required by the profession. They provide the framework for safe, effective, and ethical practice and, for that reason, serve as the foundation for the PSP.

The PSP will eventually replace the current Continuing Competency Program requirement of completing a fixed minimum of 50 CE hours in a reporting period. Trying out this first PSP component, the Self-Reflective Assessment Tool, is Stage 1 of our gradual PSP rollout. It will count as a CE activity with 10 credits under either Category B or C. We ask that you complete Stage 1 by the end of September 2021.

Click here to access the Self-Reflective Assessment Tool and log into the Registrant Portal as usual. Have a look through it. The instructions for rating yourself are there and you may find this one-page guide useful: ‘How to Complete the Self-Reflective Assessment Tool.

The College’s goal is to make the PSP program as user-friendly as possible. You are professionals and your input in helping to shape the permanent structure of the PSP is invaluable. There is ample opportunity to comment on each section and, later on, we will be providing a survey so you can provide additional feedback. 

In Stage 2 of the PSP rollout, later this Fall, you will use your results from Stage 1 to customize your own Continuing Professional Development Plan.

In Stage 3 we expect to introduce the Client Feedback Template which will function on an online platform, currently in development and independent from the College, so that you and your clients can feel free to provide honest and heartfelt responses.

We hope you will be willing to ‘test drive’ Stage 1, receive some CE credits, and help us add the final touches to the PSP program, your PSP program. Remember that access to the information you provide throughout the PSP rollout, and the survey, will be limited to PSP administration staff.

The PSP takes a supportive approach to facilitating registrant development in all workplace settings, and across the entirety of a professional career. It will ultimately be mandatory.

The goals of the PSP are to ensure that:

  • patients receive safe, professional, consistent care

  • the public has confidence in CTCMA registrants

  • registrants take responsibility for learning and enhancing their own practices.

Click here for a complete description of the PSP as well as an informative video.

Thank you in advance for your participation!