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PSP Testing Continues - Time to Create Your Continuing Professional Development Plan

Oct. 5, 2021

Thank you so much for testing the first component of the gradual PSP rollout and for collecting your 10 CE credits! We were pleased that more than 590 registrants chose to ‘test drive’ the Self-Reflective Assessment Tool, Stage 1 and about 490 registrants completed the short follow-up survey. Your participation continues to be invaluable to the College as we work to facilitate registrant development in all workplace settings, across the entirety of their careers.

Now that you have identified the areas on which you would like to focus your learning activity, it’s time to proceed to Stage 2, the development of your personal Continuing Professional Development Plan. We have developed this short instruction sheet (in either English or Chinese) to help you use the template to develop your Continuing Professional Development Plan, identify appropriate learning activities, track your learning, and reflect on your learning activities.

During PSP testing, once you have used a PSP tool or template, and participate in learning activities under your Development Plan, you will keep track of your Continuing Education (CE) Credits in the recently updated CE Activity Log (Excel Version | PDF Version) by recording your activities in the new PSP category.  You will find details in the updated Continuing Competency Program Requirements document regarding how many CEs you can self-report when testing PSP components.  This should be completed within your current CE cycle, which under the PSP program is now called the Quality Assurance (QA) cycle.

The College has assembled a selection of courses and other learning activities that will help you match the areas on which you would like to focus with available resources – the PSP Learning Resource Guide. You are welcome to access learning activities from other sources as well.

The PSP takes a supportive approach to facilitating registrant development in all workplace settings, and across the entirety of a professional career. It will ultimately be mandatory.

Remember that access to your information is secured within

the Registrant Portal here on the CTCMA website.

The goals of the PSP are to ensure that:

  • patients receive safe, professional, consistent care

  • the public has confidence in CTCMA registrants

  • registrants take responsibility for learning and enhancing their own practices.

Thank you again for your participation as the College works to incorporate the components of the Practice Support Program (PSP) into the Continuing Education (CE) Program.