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2022-2024 Board Nominations for Board Elections Now Closed. Here are Your Candidates!

October 06, 2021

Nominations are now closed for the three Board positions available for the 2022-2024 term.

Now is the time to get to know your candidates! They come from all areas of our profession, and each has committed to work to make sound policy and governance decisions in the public interest.

Neil Richard ANDERSON

 Registration Number: 04871

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Employment: Self Employed

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

(C) The skillsets I have that will aid my value when serving on the board pale in comparison to my passion to see that the public is not only protected, but that the public does not lose access to services that will actually benefit their quality of life due to unnecessary over protection that is applied out of fear rather than honest science and data.

(A) My Commitment to serving the Public Interest has been demonstrated by my first career change in 2002, where I shifted from MachineShop-Tool&Die to Nursing because, since the majority of my life’s hours was likely going to be spent working, I did not want the

Xianyi HU

Registration Number: 101062

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Nelson, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Master Degree, Chengdu University of TCM

Employment: Dr. TCM and Instructor, Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I, Hu Xianyi, graduated in 1986 from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a master's degree in etiology and pathogenesis of Internal Classics. I have engaged in clinical practice and teaching. Currently, I am an instructor at Kootenay Columbia College of Integrative Health Sciences in BC. I intend to contribute to the BC TCM education, examination . To enhance the development of the TCM profession in BC with access to existing insurance benefits, TCM schools are divided into three distinct studies: Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and Tui Na. I also hope that there will be a preferential policy towards TCM practitioners above the age of 70.

Hsien-Ju Claire KAO

Registration Number: 03171

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Burnaby, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: BA in Economics in Taiwan/Dr. TCM Diploma in Canada

Employment: Self-Employee, Dr. TCM

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Hsien-Ju Claire KAO is a licenced Dr. TCM and has been a CTCMA registrant since 2008.  Currently she is operating a private clinic in Vancouver and teaching part-time at Tzu Chi International College of TCM in Vancouver. 

Dr. Kao has multicultural living experiences and she has participated at indigenous communities as an out-reach clinic TCM doctor for years.

“I don’t know anything, but I do know that everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough” by Richard Feyuman.

Dr. Kao will keep this concept in mind always.


Registration Number: 01497

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Dr. of TCM, Mater Herbalist of western herbal medicine

Employment: Self-employed

College Involvement: Board Member (2020-2021); QA Committee Chair (2018-2020); QA Committee Member (2016-2020)

Candidate Statement

I was appointed and served as a board member of CTCMA since November 2020. The experience of being a board member was genuinely positive and engaging. The work is very important and I have learned so much about governance and the work of the board.

I am seeking election to the board for a second period and I am confident that my experience will enhance the work of the board.

Thank you Eyal Lebel, Dr. of TCM

Chang-Ming LI

Registration Number: 02546

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: UBC, BCIT, ICTCM

Employment: Self-employed, owner operator

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am a TCM Practitioner of almost 20 years. Before joining the TCM professional, I worked as the administrative manager and the compliance principal in charge of the derivatives at one of the most recognized global investment firm.

I was indoctrinated with the TCM philosophy in my early childhood by ancestors who also practiced TCM. As a long time BC resident, I witnessed the growth the TCM profession since 1980s. I want to work with all members of the college to bring the TCM profession to a higher level of recognition and to enrich the public with an alternative that is unmatched in quality and integrity.

Xiao Kun LIAO

Registration Number: 03067

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Surrey, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Master

Employment: Owner, Lesgeno Wellness Centre Ltd

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am Xiaokun Liao (Katarina), R.TCM.P, and active member of CTCMA, and have been practicing in South Surrey, BC 15 years.  I am committed to serving the Chinese medicine community and have expertise and passionate for promoting hands with other health care practitioners, associations, and professions.  I’m interested in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Awareness and Wellbeing program, as well as CTCMA Canada-wide and Global Chinese Medicine Collaboration.  As a Board Member candidate, I will represent and respect peers for their best interests.  I also voice for mew TCM generations for better education and professional training as well as Chinese examination.

Martin Chia-Lung MA

Registration Number: 03197

Registration Title: Registered Acupuncturist

City of Residence: Burnaby, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: PCU College of Holistic Medicine

Employment: Self-employed

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am an active registered acupuncturist since 2008 and I have been a volunteer for a professional association, CATCHA, serving as a secretary and a board member in these most recent two years. My last two years of volunteering experience has gained me a lot of experience in providing continued professional upgrading trainings, communication between members, associations' committees and regulatory bodies.

 These experience not only enriched my professional developments, but also expanded my vision of the TCM communities. Therefore, I am seeking an opportunity to contribute my decades of professional skills in administration, communication, and to dedicate my patience to the healthcare system.

Beverly Gail OSACHOFF

Registration Number: 02226

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Grand Forks, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: B.Sc, DTCM Diploma from ACOS

Employment: Self-employed

College Involvement: Board member (2019-present); Inquiry Committee Member (2019-2021); Focus Group (2004)

Candidate Statement

Being a CTCMA board member for the past 2 years has not only been a privilege but an excellent way to share the benefit of TCM with others.

It is important to have practitioner voices and perspectives on the board so the decisions we make are balanced and workable.  I’ve learnt a lot about governance and regulation, and I’ve been effective in helping create solutions to the complex issues facing us today.

As we move into modernization, strong representation will be critical and I’d love to continue to represent.

Jason Daniel Jeffrey TUTT

Registration Number: 04421

Registration Title: Registered Acupuncturist

City of Residence: Port Coquitlam, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Acupuncture Diploma

Employment: Advanced Healing Arts, Registered Acupuncturist

College Involvement: Member of Patients Relations Committee 2016-current; Registration Committee 2018-2021

Candidate Statement


1) Served 5 years on CTCMA Patient Relations, 3 Years on Registration Committee.

2) Served 5 years on ATCMA Board and as President to secure TCM’s ICBC and WorkSafeBC coverage

Campaign Promises

1) Promote and enhance the ability of CTCMA registrants to respond and adapt to changes in practice environments, advances in technology and other emerging issues including scope of practice.

2) Strive for maximum level of transparency between the College and its registrants.

3) Ensure that TCM’s identity and traditions are maintained throughout College amalgamation.

4) Establish aspects of practice that registrants may delegate to a non-registrant, including removing needles.

5) Advocate for collaborative relationships with other Colleges.


Registration Number: 101754

Registration Title: Registered Acupuncturist

City of Residence: Delta, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Medical Degree in China, B.S.N in BCIT;Master of Health Administration

Employment: President and Dean, Vancouver International College of Health & Wellness

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am a R.Ac. and a Registered Nurse in Canada.

I have a Master of Health Administration (MHA) from UBC.  I was a surgeon in China.  I am dedicated to promote the public’s wellness with holistic health approach through education and clinical services.


Registration Number: 04373

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Surrey, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: B.Sc

Employment: Panda Clinic, RTCMP/RMT

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

Elma has been an acupuncturist and a TCM practitioner since 2013. As the head of Panda Clinic, Elma and her team has served over 30,000 patients in New Westminster, Burnaby, and Surrey. Her role lets her hear feedback from different patients on a daily basis. She believes that every British Columbians should have equal access to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of British Columbines is one of her priorities. She holds her practice to the highest standard. Being on the board of CTCMA, she would advocate for both the patients from diverse backgrounds and members of CTCMA.

Tao XU

Registration Number: 03454

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Port Coquitlam, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Vancouver Beijing College of Chinese Medicine

Employment: Acupuncturist, Massage Addict Port Coquitlam

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am very willing to serve the public.  I have experience in organizing international traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture conferences and participating in community services combing Chinese and Western medicine.  My campaign platform is: Promote community medical services of Chinese and Western medicine.  Promote Chinese medicine to the community and protect public health.  Organizing international exchanges to promote Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Ganglin Yin

Registration Number: 00170

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Victoria, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Master Degree of Medicine

Employment: Principal, Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

It is my commitment to serving the public interest when I serve on the board. I have over 20 years of experience to teach acupuncture and TCM students BC health regulations, to manage an acupuncture and TCM school and treat patients with acupuncture and TCM in BC. I believe that my working experience and skills will be of value when serving on the board.

To manage and conduct the 2022-2024 Board Elections we have once again engaged the services of Simply Voting, an independent elections contractor.

You will receive ballots and complete voting instructions from Simply Voting by October 27, 2021, when polls open. Eligible registrants are entitled to 1 (one) ballot each and may vote for up to 3 (three) candidates in any of the electoral districts in British Columbia.

Completed electronic ballots must be submitted no later than 12:00 Noon on December 1, 2021.

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