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Announcement of Board Members Elected for 2022-2024

December 1, 2021

The College is pleased to announce the election of three members to its Board of Directors for the 2022-2024 term. Mr. Chang Ming Li, Mr. Jason Tutt, and Dr. Ganglin Yin were the successful candidates in our just-completed election.

The Board of Directors provides leadership for carrying out the College’s mission, which is to serve and protect the public interest by regulating and advancing safe, ethical, and quality traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture practice in British Columbia. The Board is accountable to the public through the Ministry of Health.

These three Board members, elected from among College registrants, will provide great insight and depth to the work of the College over the next three years, alongside the six appointed public Board members and three other registrant members continuing with their terms.

Chang-Ming LI

Registration Number: 02546

Registration Title: Registered TCM Practitioner

City of Residence: Vancouver, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: UBC, BCIT, ICTCM

Employment: Self-employed, owner operator

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

I am a TCM Practitioner of almost 20 years. Before joining the TCM professional, I worked as the administrative manager and the compliance principal in charge of the derivatives at one of the most recognized global investment firm.

I was indoctrinated with the TCM philosophy in my early childhood by ancestors who also practiced TCM. As a long time BC resident, I witnessed the growth the TCM profession since 1980s. I want to work with all members of the college to bring the TCM profession to a higher level of recognition and to enrich the public with an alternative that is unmatched in quality and integrity.

Jason Daniel Jeffrey TUTT

Registration Number: 04421

Registration Title: Registered Acupuncturist

City of Residence: Port Coquitlam, District 1 - Lower Mainland

Education: Acupuncture Diploma

Employment: Advanced Healing Arts, Registered Acupuncturist

College Involvement: Member of Patients Relations Committee 2016-current; Registration Committee 2018-2021

Candidate Statement


1) Served 5 years on CTCMA Patient Relations, 3 Years on Registration Committee.

2) Served 5 years on ATCMA Board and as President to secure TCM’s ICBC and WorkSafeBC coverage

Campaign Promises

1) Promote and enhance the ability of CTCMA registrants to respond and adapt to changes in practice environments, advances in technology and other emerging issues including scope of practice.

2) Strive for maximum level of transparency between the College and its registrants.

3) Ensure that TCM’s identity and traditions are maintained throughout College amalgamation.

4) Establish aspects of practice that registrants may delegate to a non-registrant, including removing needles.

5) Advocate for collaborative relationships with other Colleges.

Ganglin Yin

Registration Number: 00170

Registration Title: Doctor of TCM

City of Residence: Victoria, District 2 - Outside the Lower Mainland

Education: Master Degree of Medicine

Employment: Principal, Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology

College Involvement: N/A

Candidate Statement

It is my commitment to serving the public interest when I serve on the board. I have over 20 years of experience to teach acupuncture and TCM students BC health regulations, to manage an acupuncture and TCM school and treat patients with acupuncture and TCM in BC. I believe that my working experience and skills will be of value when serving on the board.

The official results of the election may be viewed here.

“With two challenging years now behind us, we are looking ahead to an exciting new term, and we’re confident that Mr. Chang Ming Li, Mr. Jason Tutt, and Dr. Ganglin Yin will be outstanding on our Board. We are excited about the expertise and viewpoints they bring as we continue to lead the College forward,” notes Jonathan Ho, Registrar and CEO.

The College's full slate of Directors for the coming year is:

  • Mr. Guo Ding
  • Dr. Jennifer Jianying Gao
  • Mr. Chang Ming Li
  • Mr. Edwin Liu
  • Ms. Holly-Marie Janet Page
  • Dr. Kimberley Schneberk
  • Ms. Jocelyn Stanton
  • Dr. Peter Stevenson-Moore
  • Mr. Weichong Joshua Tan
  • Mr. Jason Tutt
  • Dr. Ganglin Yin
  • Dr. Weidong Yu

We’d like to thank outgoing Board members Dr. Eyal Lebel, Ms. Rachel Ling and Ms. Beverly Osachoff for their dedicated service. Registrant Board members come from all areas of our profession, working as a team to steer College operations and ensure fiscal responsibility. These three outgoing Board members have contributed a great deal over the course of their terms.