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of British Columbia


The College Bylaws established eight committees to support the core regulatory functions of the College and Board. Committees are made up of Board members and other professionals to provide guidance and direction to the Board and the College's staff.

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee considers allegations of incompetence and professional misconduct referred to it by the Inquiry Committee. If a panel of the Discipline Committee finds the Registrant guilty of professional misconduct or incompetence it may do one or more of the following:

  • dismiss the matter;
  • reprimand the respondent;
  • impose limits or conditions;
  • suspend respondent registration;
  • cancel respondent registration;
  • fine the respondent; and
  • assess whole or partial hearing costs against the respondent.

In cases where there is a finding of professional misconduct, the results of the proceeding must be included on the College’s Register which is available on the College’s website, as required by the Health Professions Act. In addition, the Act requires the College to publish a summary of each case and these are also published on the College’s website.



Carol Williams (Chair), Public Member November 2019
Jeda Boughton, Registrant Member November 2019
Jacqueline Kar Yee Chan, Registrant Member December 2019
Rachel Ling, Registrant Member March 2019
William MacLeod, Public Member January 2015
Jennifer Dunn Moynes, Registrant Member November 2019
Cheri Naslund, Registrant Member November 2019
Peter Stevenson-Moore, Public Member July 2017 

Education and Examination Committee

The Education and Examination Committee is responsible for:

  • determining eligibility to write examinations,
  • reviewing education programs in British Columbia for compliance with the entry-to-practice standards, and
  • reviewing and making recommendations to the board regarding:
    • the examinations required for registration in each title/category of registration,
    • the recognition of education programs, and
    • entry-to-practice standards required to register with the College.



Ben Bao Qi Cao (Chair), Registrant Member April 2015
Guo Ding, Public Member March 2020
John Lee, Registrant Member September 2017
Peter Liu, Public Member March 2018
Bradley Matthews, Registrant Member April 2015
Hannah Shen, Registrant Member April 2015
Jocelyn Stanton, Public Member April 2017
Weijia Tan, Registrant Member April 2017
Chak Wai Wong, Registrant Member April 2015


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee may exercise the Board's powers with respect to any matter that, in the Committee's opinion, requires immediate attention, except when the Board is in session. If the Executive Committee exercises a power of the Board, it must take minutes of its proceedings and submit them to the Board at the next Board meeting.



Peter Stevenson-Moore (Chair), Public Member December 2018
Kimberley Graham, Registrant Member January 2020
Edwin Liu, Public Member December 2018

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its mandate by:

  • reviewing the College’s budget;
  • reviewing operational and capital expenditures, and monitoring actual performances in relation to the approved budget;
  • reviewing the College’s financial systems; and
  • overseeing the annual audit of the financial statements by an external public auditor.



Edwin Liu (Chair), Public Member July 2017
Guo Ding, Public Member December 2018
Kimberley Graham, Registrant Member September 2017

Inquiry Committee

The Inquiry Committee has jurisdiction to consider and investigate, and render decisions concerning complaints in regard to matters concerning professional misconduct, incompetency and incapacity.

The Committee investigates written complaints about the practice or conduct of registrants and former registrants under the Health Professions Act. The Committee can also initiate an investigation as a result of its own motion.

Under the Health Professions Act, a complainant may request the Health Professions Review Board to review a decision of the Inquiry Committee if the complainant is dissatisfied with the Inquiry Committee’s decision.



Oleh Ilnyckyj (Chair), Public Member April 2017
Adrian Chaster, Public Member October 2016
Louise Demorest, Registrant Member  May 2016
Jennifer Gao, Registrant Member June 2020
Mona Kwong, Public Member September 2020
Tahmineh Nikookar, Registrant Member  May 2016 
Beverly Osachoff, Registrant Member  March 2019
Shawn-Poppi Sabhaney, Registrant Member  March 2019
Vivienne Stewart, Public Member  May 2016 
Jennifer Strong, Registrant Member May 2016

Patient Relations Committee

The Patients Relations Committee is mandated to deal with complaints of professional misconduct of sexual nature by:

  • establishing and maintain procedures to deal with such complaints;
  • developing and coordinating educational programs for professionals and the public;
  • developing guidelines for professional conduct; and
  • providing information to the Public regarding the College’s complaint and disciplinary process.



Weidong Yu (Chair), Registrant Member September 2017
Adrian Chaster, Public Member September 2020
Louise Demorest, Registrant Member September 2020
Kimberley Graham, Registrant Member March 2019
Edwin Liu, Public Member March 2018
Jennifer Strong, Registrant Member September 2020
Jason Tutt, Registrant Member September 2016
Carol Williams, Public Member September 2020

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee is mandated to

  • review the standards of practice and to enhance the quality of practice and to reduce incompetent, impaired or unethical practice among registrants;
  • establish and maintain a continuing competency program to promote high standards of practice among registrants; and
  • recommend to the Board continuing education requirements and any other requirements for revalidation of registration.



Eyal Lebel (Chair) , Registrant Member March 2015
Kimberley Graham, Registrant Member September 2019
Karen Kesteloo, Public Member June 2020
Adina Kuerban, Registrant Member March 2015 
Rachel Ling, Registrant Member September 2019
Annette Ruitenbeek, Public Member  June 2020
Peter Stevenson-Moore, Public Member July 2017
Weidong Yu, Registrant Member April 2017 

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is mandated to:

  • review and approve the registration of a person as a registrant of the College;
  • consider approval of the following information submitted for registration application purposes:
    • accredited colleges or chartered/approved universities for registration applicant purposes
    • good character for registration applicant purposes
    • evidence of authorization to work in Canada for registration applicant purposes;
  • provide decisions pursuant to CTCMA Bylaws sections 48, 50, 51, 53, 58, and 59.



Peter Stevenson-Moore (Chair), Public Member September 2017
Luke Cao, Registrant Member May 2015
Guo Ding, Public Member March 2018
Rachel Ling, Registrant Member March 2019
Bradley Matthews, Registrant Member December 2018
Jason Tutt, Registrant Member March 2018