College of





of British Columbia

Strategic Plan

In 2021, the Board set out to update the College’s strategic plan with an intent to identify opportunities to strengthen the College and forge a path for the future.  The 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan focuses on four key goals.

1. Safe, Effective, Ethical Delivery of Care

1.1. Ensure all applicants entering into the profession are competent

1.2. Ensure that registrants are practicing in a safe, effective, and ethical manner

1.3. Ensure availability of remedial programs and practice resources

1.4. Publish and review Practice Standards

2. High public trust and confidence in TCM and acupuncture regulation.

1.1. Raise public understanding of the role of registrants holding the various titles

2.2. Improve transparency by enhancing communication channels

2.3. Launch a strategy to ensure the public are clearly and sufficiently informed about their practitioners

3. Equity in serving all communities and cultures.

3.1. Ensure registrants respect diversity and inclusion in their practice

3.2. Establish Practice Standard on Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility

3.3. Ensure College governance and operations are representative and responsive to the public

3.4. Improve website and written materials

4. Modern adaptive healthcare regulation.

4.1. Update College policies and operational procedures

4.2. Develop priorities to support Government’s recommendations to modernize the provincial health profession regulatory framework

4.3. Manage risk in an efficient and effective manner

4.4. Operate in a data-centric and evidence-informed manner