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Doctor of TCM Examination

All applicants applying for registration as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM) must successfully complete the Doctor of TCM Written and Clinical Examinations.

Examination Schedule

The Doctor of TCM Examination is held every two (2) years.

Important Note: The delivery format and the dates for the 2022 Dr.TCM Clinical Retaking Examination might be revised to reflect the public health directive of physical distancing in Spring/Summer of 2022. Candidates will be updated via email and website announcement when it is close to the examination dates, if necessary.

2022 Dr.TCM Clinical Retaking Examination
Application Starts:  Monday, April 4, 2022 (8:30 AM PST)
Application Deadline:  Friday, April 22, 2022 (4:30 PM PST)
Deadline for Special Accommodation Request:  Friday, April 22, 2022 (4:30 PM PST)
Deadline for Withdrawal of Application:  Friday, April 29, 2022  (4:30 PM PST)          (Application fee is non-refundable)
Date of Dr.TCM Clinical Retaking Examination June 11, 2022 (Tentative)

Examination Requirements and Forms

Education Requirements

Applicants must meet the education requirements* for both TCM and the two years liberal arts/sciences study to successfully register as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr. TCM).

Please refer to the Registration section of the website for further information.

*Applicants applying to write this examination must already be registered as R.TCM.P. or be eligible to apply for R.TCM.P. registration. 

Application Forms and Fees

Please use the forms below to submit your application to register.

  • 2022 Dr. TCM Examination Application Form

If you request accommodation for special needs, you are required to complete the following two forms and submit to CTCMA by the application deadline

If you fail the Dr.TCM examination twice or more, you are required to complete a 50-hour Upgrading Program pre-approved by CTCMA. The Upgrading Program must be pre-approved by CTCMA before you start it and completed before the examination application deadline. Please use the following form(s) to apply for the pre-approval from the college:

Application and registration fees are available under Schedule F of the Bylaws and also in the application form.

Application Fee: $200
Written Examination Fee: $700
Clinical Examination Fee: $700
Written or Clinical Translation Fee: $200

Examination Resources

Examination Candidate Handbook

Detailed information about the policies and procedures for the examinations, including examination format, scoring, passing grades, and application process can be found in the:

Entry-Level Competencies for Doctor of TCM

For more information on the Entry-Level Competencies for Doctor of TCM, please refer to the Entry-Level Competencies page.