College of





of British Columbia

Michael Raymond Lines (01682)

Date of action: June 10, 2010

Nature of Action

The Inquiry Committee entered into a consent order with the Registrant under s. 33(6)(c) and 36 of the Health Professions Act in which he undertakes and consents:

  1. not to repeat sexual miscon- duct;
  2. to attend for an evaluation to assess his risk for sexually re-offending;
  3. to refrain from treating women or children in a clinical setting without a chaperone present until the Inquiry Committee is satisfied that he does not pose a risk to his patients;
  4. to post a notice in the waiting room of his clinic indicating that women and children must have a chaperone present; and
  5. to reimburse the College for investigation costs in accordance with the tariff.


In May 2009, an adult step-daughter filed an historical sexual abuse complaint against the Registrant alleging that he had abused her approximately 30 years ago. Similar allegations were made by another adult step-daughter. The Registrant acknowledged the conduct and advised that he had sought counselling and that this had taken place many years before he started his medical training or practice as a Dr. TCM. Although the conduct occurred many years ago, the Inquiry Committee was concerned that the conduct raised safety issues in the context of the treatment of female patients and minors. Without a risk assessment, the Inquiry Committee was unable to determine whether the mere passage of time and/or the counselling that the Registrant had received was sufficient to address those concerns from a public safety perspective. The Inquiry Committee concluded it was appropriate to put safeguards in place until it was satisfied that there is no longer any risk.