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of British Columbia

Kit WONG (00217)

Date of action: March 1, 2011

Description of action taken

On February 28, 2011, the Inquiry Committee determined it was necessary to take extraordinary action under s. 35(1)(b) of the Act by imposing conditions on the Registrant's practice pending the outcome of an investigation concerning allegations of inappropriate sexual touching of a female patient. The Inquiry Committee ordered, pending completion of its investigation, that the Registrant may only continue to practice traditional Chinese medicine / Tuina under the supervision of an approved CTCMA Registrant in good standing at all times, on the following terms:

  1. he must immediately post two notices in prominent places in the reception and treatment areas of his clinic indicating that he is required to practice in the presence of the approved chaperone who must be present at all times whenever he sees a female patient;
  2. he must only provide traditional Chinese medicine / Tuina services to female patients under the supervision of the approved chaperone at all times and must not be in the presence of a female patient except when the chaperone is present;
  3. he must provide weekly written reports to the College confirming the names and contact information of female patients who have attended the Registrant's clinic for consultation and / or treatment in the previous week by noon of each Monday.

Reasons for the action taken

The Inquiry Committee appointed an inspector to interview the parties and to provide an investigation report. The allegations from the Complainant, and three other women, and the Registrant's response to the investigation report, raised serious safety concerns as proper traditional Chinese medicine / Tuina techniques do not encompass sexual touching of any nature,. The Inquiry Committee determined that there was a prima facie case of risk to female patients warranting immediate precautionary action because of the sexual nature of the alleged conduct and the similarity of the alleged conduct with respect to each of the female patients.

On March 14, 2011, the Registrant notified the College that he will not be providing any treatment to female patients pending the outcome of the investigation.