College of





of British Columbia

Igor Victor MUNTIANOV (03487)

Date of Action: March 8, 2011

Description of action taken

On the direction of Inquiry Committee, the Registrar issued a citation against Mr. Muntianov regarding allegations of unauthorized practice of acupuncture at an outpatient clinic that provided counseling services for addictions. Following a discipline hearing, a panel of the Discipline Committee concluded that Mr. Muntianov had engaged in the unauthorized practice of acupuncture by providing acupuncture without supervision while a student registrant at the clinic and then continuing to practice acupuncture at the clinic following the expiration of his student registration status with the College. The Discipline Committee panel imposed a fine of $10,000 payable forthwith and hearing costs in the amount of $3,742.61.

Reasons for action

Mr. Muntianov was enrolled in a TCM program in 2006 and was granted student registration on April 19, 2007. He did not complete the program. Shortly after receiving student registration, Mr. Muntianov presented a proposal to provide acupuncture for detoxification at an outpatient clinic providing counseling for addiction services under the supervision of qualified acupuncturists. The proposal was accepted and the Registrant began practicing acupuncture at the clinic without supervision and continued to do so after his student registration expired in October 2007. He did not charge for his services but began receiving a small stipend after a few months. A client at the clinic who had received acupuncture from Mr. Muntianov learned that he was not a registrant of the College and filed a complaint with the College.

Following an investigation, the Inquiry Committee directed the issuance of a citation. A discipline hearing was convened which Mr. Muntianov did not attend. The Discipline Committee panel concluded that Mr. Muntianov had engaged in the unauthorized practice of acupuncture both while a student registrant and after his student registration expired. The Discipline Committee conducted a written hearing with respect to the appropriate penalty. The Discipline Committee panel concluded that the facts were egregious because Mr. Muntianov practiced without authorization for approximately 18 months treating many people and would have likely continued to engage in the unauthorized practice but for the complaint and the College's intervention. The Discipline Committee concluded that Mr. Muntianov's submissions on penalty did not address the question of his unauthorized practice or demonstrate remorse but rather attacked the credibility of the complainant and others and demonstrated the length to which he would go to deflect criticism of, and responsibility for, his own conduct. The Discipline Committee panel noted that Mr. Muntianov's practice for approximately 18 months without authorization and without adequate training and supervision posed a serious risk to the public.