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of British Columbia

Pin Chiu (00334)

Date of Action: October 20, 2011

Description of action taken

The Inquiry Committee initiated an investigation in response to notification received by the Audit and Investigations Branch of Medical Services Plan ("MSP") that the Registrant contravened s. 29(1) of the Medical and Health Services Regulation by billing 49 services during the period September, 2009 to May 2010 on behalf of herself and other family members for which she was paid $1,127.00. Following the investigation, the Inquiry Committee determined under s.33(6)(c) of the Act to seek a Consent Order under s.36 of the Act with terms that would ensure that the Registrant does not repeat the behavior.

Reason for decision

The Inquiry Committee determined there was evidence that:

  1. the Registrant engaged in improper billing of MSP for herself and her family members totaling 49 treatments in the amount of $1,127.00;
  2. the Registrant failed to establish and maintain, as required by the CTCMA, a 'Registrant File' containing continuing education documents, documents showing the number of patient visits per month or year of practice, liability insurance, and copies of the CTCMA registration renewal and other CTCMA correspondence;
  3. the Registrant failed to maintain clinical records for treatments provided to herself and her family members; and
  4. the Registrant failed to maintain complete clinical records for patients which included documented informed consent.

Action taken

The Inquiry Committee passed a motion to seek a consent order under s. 36 of the Act. The Registrant agreed to give her undertaking and consent to:

  1. refrain from repeating the conduct to which this matter
  2. a reprimand for improper billing of MSP for 49 treatments;
  3. pay a fine in the amount of $2,000.00 for her professional misconduct as it relates to improper billing of MSP;
  4. a 14 day suspension of her clinical practice for her professional misconduct as it relates to improper billing of MSP which must be completed within 12 months of the date of this order.
  5. pay the sum of $562.99 towards the CTCMA's costs of investigation as calculated in accordance with the tariff of costs established under s.19(1)(v.1) of the Act.