College of





of British Columbia

Cheng Ku (Steven) HUANG (02470)

Date of action:  May  15, 2020

Description of action taken:

On April 30, 2020, the CTCMA received a complaint from a female patient alleging that the Registrant engaged in inappropriate sexual touching to her during a treatment.

On May 6, 2020, the CTCMA received a second complaint from a female patient alleging that the Registrant engaged in inappropriate sexual touching during a treatment and left her exposed during subsequent treatments.

As the nature of the alleged conduct raises significant public safety concerns, the Inquiry Committee considered that interim action was necessary pending the outcome of the investigation to ensure protection of the public. The Registrant agreed to provide an undertaking with the following terms which will remain in place during the Inquiry Committee’s investigation and pending any discipline proceeding:

  1. The Registrant agrees to immediately provide the name and contact information of one or more proposed female chaperones who will be available for all of his attendances with female patients to the Inquiry Committee for approval.

  2. The Registrant undertakes to ensure that an approved female chaperone is physically present at his cost whenever he has contact with a female patient in a treatment room or elsewhere for the duration of the undertaking.

  3. The Registrant undertakes to immediately post notices that are 8 ½” v 11” in size, one in English and one in Chinese, in prominent places in his reception area and each treatment room in his clinic, indicating that female patients must have a female chaperone present at all times whenever receiving services,  which notices are to be provided to the Registrar for prior approval.

  4. The Registrant agrees to maintain complete and accurate clinical records for all patients attending his clinic for consultations or treatments of any kind together with the name and contact information for the approved chaperone who was present for each visit.

  5. The Registrant agrees to provide weekly reports in English to the Registrar of the CTCMA which include the full name, age, current address and telephone number of each female patient who attended the clinic in the preceding week and the name and contact information of the chaperone who was present, which reports must be faxed or delivered to the CTCMA office no later than 12:00 p.m. on Monday of each week.

  6. The Registrant agrees that a contravention of the undertaking constitutes professional misconduct and may lead to a discipline hearing.

Reasons for action taken:

An allegation of sexual misconduct with a female patient raises the potential of serious risk to the public. In view of the nature and seriousness of the allegations in this case, the Inquiry Committee concluded that interim action was warranted to ensure protection of the public during the course of its investigation.