College of





of British Columbia

Quality Practice

The standards of practice:

  • support registrants in maintaining their competence; and
  • assist the public in understanding what to expect from traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

The College is committed to ensure that registrants establish, maintain and continually improve the quality of care they provide to their clients. Moreover, the College continuously reviews the standards of practice to enhance the quality of practice and to reduce incompetent, impaired or unethical practice and maintains a continuing competency program to promote high standards of practice.

Practice Standards

Practice Standards are established in order to assist registrants by setting out the minimum level of traditional Chinese medicine care and for the member to better understanding their professional obligations, support their professional development, and define and resolve professional practice issues.

Professional Competencies

The Entry-Level Occupational Competencies are intended to identify the job tasks in which the entry-level TCM practitioners should be proficient in order to provide safe, effective and ethical practice.

Publications and Handbooks

Practice Support Program

The Practice Support Program (PSP) supports registrants in ongoing career development by promoting professional behaviour, self-evaluation, peer mentorship and continued learning.