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Frequently Asked Questions from Applicants

What is the two-years of liberal arts or sciences study requirement?

The two-years of liberal arts or sciences study requirement is set out under section 48(1)(a.1) of the CTCMA bylaws.

two (2) years of liberal arts or sciences study (comprised of at least 60 credits)
  • Academic courses normally contained in the first two year study towards a general bachelor’s degree
  • Vocational courses
  • Block transfer to a special purpose diploma/degree

In an accredited college or chartered/approved university

  • Accredited/authorized by jurisdiction’s regulatory authority
  • Non-accredited

acceptable to the registration committee

  • College or university with authority to confer bachelor’s degrees
applicants who completed education outside Canada. Credential Evaluation Report (ICES)
  • Academic courses in liberal arts or sciences study which are “considered generally comparable to the completion of the first two years of undergraduate study”
  • Applied or trade or non-academic courses which are “considered generally comparable to the completion of the first two years of post-secondary study (two-year advanced diploma)”

Are TCM education program in British Columbia accredited by the College?

No. Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) regulates private training institutions including TCM programs in British Columbia.  PTIB provides consumer protection to students attending private post-secondary programs.

A College "recognized" education program meets the requirements outlined in Schedule E of the Bylaws in order for students and graduates to be eligible for registration with the College. A list of recognized education programs is listed under Schedule H of the Bylaws.

When should I register with the College as a student registrant?

You are eligible to apply for student registration as soon as you are accepted as a student in a TCM education program in BC.

You must be a student registrant before attending clinics and observing or delivering patient care. Students attending an education program in BC must be registered with the College as student registrants before beginning clinical practice including clinical observation. In pursuant to s. 51(2) of the Bylaws, practicing without student registration is illegal.

Can a practitioner from another country apply for registration through reciprocity?

No, reciprocity registration is only available for practitioners from another Canadian province that regulates TCM provincially.

I just submitted my initial registration application. Can I start practicing?

You cannot practice until you receive the formal approval letter from the College and have current liability insurance.