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Full / Non-Practising Registration Renewal

All Full /Non-Practising registrations expire on March 31st of each year.  In order to ensure your continuous registration, you are required to renew your registration every year.  Current Full / Non-Practising registrants may renew online through the Registrant Portal during the Renewal Period – from February 6 to March 31. 

In order to receive your wallet-size card and a valid seal BEFORE your current one expires, please submit your completed renewal application online by the first Monday of March.

Registration Renewal Fees and Receipt

Please refer to Schedule F of the CTCMA Bylaws for the registration renewal fees. 

Annual Full Registration Renewal Fees (non-refundable) $850
Annual Non-Practising Registration Renewal Fees (non-refundable) $425

After your payment is successfully processed, a receipt will be sent to you by email.  Please keep the receipt as a confirmation of payment in a safe place.  Additional cost may apply for requesting duplicate receipts.

Registration Renewal and Conditions of Full Registration Renewal

For details, please refer to the Section 56 and 57 of the CTCMA Bylaws.

Section 57.1 of the CTCMA Bylaws contains two renewal requirements for practising registrants:

Continuing Education (CE)

  • Section 57(1)(a): A registrant (under full and grand-parenting registration) renewing a registration is required to complete 50 hours of continuing education every 2 calendar years.

Proof of Practice (PV)

  • Section 57(1)(b): A registrant renewing a registration must have practiced acupuncture or traditional Chinese herbology or traditional Chinese medicine at a minimum level of 200 patient visits during any consecutive 24-month period within the last 4 years.

The renewal form includes declarations. By making The Declaration for Practising Registrants Only, practising registrants affirm that they are compliant with the requirements of these bylaws. Please keep your CE / PV records in your own registrant file. Do not send them to CTCMA unless requested.

Click here for the details and activity log of Continuing Education

Professional Liability Insurance

All registrants and their employees must be insured against liability for negligence in an amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence (Section 90 of the CTCMA Bylaws). This requirement applies to ALL non-practising and practising registrants. 

Change of Registration Status (Practising or Non-Practising)

Registration renewal is a process for current registrants to renew their current status and title.  If you wish to have your status or title changed, please submit a separate application in respect to the status or title of registration applying for with all the required documents & fees.   

If you wish to have your status changed before the renewal, please ensure you have the status change process fully completed before renewing your registration.  Please allow sufficient time for both applications to be processed before your registration expires.

IMPORTANT NOTE for registrants transferring from non-practising to practising registration status:

  • The processing time for applications may vary. Transferring from non-practising to practising registration status usually takes a longer time to process depending on the length of time you have been non-practising.
  • The requirements for your registration status change will be provided to you by mail after your completed application is reviewed by the College.
  • The process cannot be completed until you fulfil all the requirements set by the College.
  • In order to ensure your continuous registration, you may consider renewing in non-practising status and then applying for registration status change.  Please be reminded all registrations expire on March 31.

 Please see Section 58 of the CTCMA Bylaws regarding to the requirements for Change of Registration Status.

 Click here for details of Change of Registration Status

Change of Registration Title

Full / Non-Practicing registration renewal is a process for current registrants to renew their current title(s) and status.  If you wish to have your title(s) changed, please submit a separate application and all the required documents and fees.

Click here for details of Change of Registration Title

Failure to Renew Your Full / Non-Practising Registration on or before March 31st

Your registration will be cancelled on April 1st. When your registration is cancelled, you are no longer permitted (by law) to practice TCM and acupuncture in British Columbia, Canada or to represent yourself as a practitioner, or to use the titles granted by the College including full titles and abbreviations for R.Ac., R.TCM.H., R.TCM.P., Dr.TCM.

Once a registration is cancelled due to failure to pay an annual registration renewal fee on or before March 31, you may apply for reinstatement within 3 months (no later than June 30th) by paying an annual registration renewal fee plus a reinstatement fee in an amount equal to 35% of annual registration renewal fee and satisfying all requirements for renewal. (Section 59 of the CTCMA Bylaws).

For reinstatement between April 1st to June 30th, you may use the paper application form below:

2020 Full / Non-Practising Registration Renewal Form (available between April 1st to June 30th)

After June 30th, you will need to make a separate application for reinstatement according to the provisions of section 58 of the CTCMA Bylaws. In this case, you must apply to be restored to the full register as a non-practicing registrant before applying to become a practicing registrant.