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Student Registration Renewal

All student registrations expire on March 31st.  If you are undertaking clinical training in a Traditional Chinese Medicine education program in B.C. after March 31st, you are required to renew your student registration to ensure your continuous registration.  Current student registrants may renew online through the Registrant Portal during the Renewal Period – from February 6 to March 31. 

In order to receive your student badge BEFORE your student registration expires, please submit your completed online renewal application and all the required documentations to the College by the first Monday of March. 

Instructions for Completing Student Registration Renewal

  1. Complete and submit the registration renewal application online;
  2. Pay the registration renewal fee;

  3. Pay any other outstanding fee, debt or levy owed to the college (if applicable);

  4. Ensure your TCM school has submitted a “Confirmation Form of Education Standing” to CTCMA for you;

  5. Mail a photo of you to CTCMA for your student badge. It must be:

      • with exact dimensions of 1½” width x 2” height;
      • taken within the last twelve months;
      • taken straight on with the face and shoulders centered and squared to the camera;

      • have your legal name & CTCMA Registration Number (if applicable) printed on the back.

  6. Keep the receipt as a confirmation of payment in a safe place for your record. 

Application cannot be processed until all the required items are received by CTCMA. To avoid delays, please complete the above steps as soon as possible. Otherwise your registration continuity with CTCMA will be affected and you cannot continue with your clinical activity after March 31st.

Student Registration Renewal Fees & Receipt

Annual Student Registration Renewal Fees (non-refundable)


Please refer to Schedule F of the CTCMA Bylaws for the registration renewal fees.  After your payment is successfully processed, a receipt will be sent to you by email.  Please keep the receipt as a confirmation of payment in a safe place.  Additional cost may apply for requesting duplicate receipts.

Failure to Renew Your Student Registration on or before March 31st

Your student registration will be cancelled on April 1st. When your student registration is cancelled, you are no longer permitted (by law) to attend any TCM and acupuncture clinical training in British Columbia, Canada.  No clinical hours completed by non-registered students will be recognized for exam/registration purposes.

Once a registration is cancelled due to failure to pay an annual registration renewal fee on or before March 31, you may apply for reinstatement within 3 months (no later than June 30th) by paying an annual registration renewal fee plus a reinstatement fee in an amount equal to 35% of annual registration renewal fee and satisfying all requirements for renewal. (Section 59 of the CTCMA Bylaws).

For late renewal between April 1st to June 30th, you may use the paper application below:

2020 Student Registration Renewal Form (available between April 1st to June 30th)

After June 30th, you will need to make a new application for student registration.