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Forms and Applications

Address Change

The College is required under the Health Professions Act (HPA) to maintain a public register. Your name, registration status and business contact information may be provided upon request to the general public. To update your information, please use the member portal or complete the form above and submit to the College. It is the registrant's responsibility to immediately notify the Registrar of any change of address, name or any other registration information previously provided to the Registrar (Bylaw section 60).

Business Name

Approval of Business Name can be requested by completing the Business Name Application form above. The College's application form must be completed in accordance with the format provided, with an originally signed document provided to the College. Amendments or alterations to the Application are not accepted. A copy of the Results of Name Request from BC Registry Services as well as the processing fee of $25 must accompany all applications.

Registration Certificate

Registration certificate for initial registration will be available for 1 months after registration is effective. The pickup or delivery of your certificate may be requested using the form above.

Name Change in Register

If you have legally changed your name and you would like to change your practice name registered with the College, please complete and submit this form and supporting documents by mail to CTCMA.

Registration Status Transfer

A registrant may apply to change his/her registration status along with the annual renewal application or anytime in a registration year. The required documentations and $100 change of status fee must accompany all applications. More information available on the Status Change page.

Student School Transfer

Your student registration is portable (no transfer fee) if you transfer to a different school. You are required to submit a School Transfer form and a Confirmation Form of Education Standing with a photo to CTCMA before you transfer to another school.  After your application is approved by CTCMA, a new student badge will be mailed to you.

Cancellation of Registration

If registrant wish to cancel their current registrations, please fully complete and submit a “Registration Cancellation Request Form for Full or Non-Practising Registrant” to the College. It is registrants’ responsibilities to consult the “Closing Practice / Leaving / Resignation” section of the Practice Standard - Clinical Record Keeping , page 8, and follow up responsibly notifying patients, and transferring and retaining records.